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Who are City and Claremont Capital Assets Ltd? (CCCAL)

It's disappointing to say the least that the largest shareholder in Mediazest and EP&F Capital is such an inscrutable, offshore company with very little information available in the public domain for investors to do some basic due diligence.

According to the shareholder register dated November 2013, CCCAL are the largest shareholders of EP&F with a 15.9% holding. They are also the largest shareholder in Mediazest, an EP&F portfolio company, holding 15.5% of the company as of May 2016. CCCAL are first mentioned as a major shareholder of EP&F, holding 443,334 shares (9.4%) of the company, in an RNS dated 16th March 2006. The RNS also states that on the same date Nigel Duxbury purchased 106,556 shares to bring his shareholding up to 473,386 equivalent to 10.1% of the company.

A google search reveals very little information but a blog entry on aimmicro mentions CCCAL along with a Mr Bodnar Horvath. Bodnar-Horvath, possibly a Hong-Kong based lawyer is also mentioned in this official news release from Gran Tierra Energy.

The current registered address of CCCAL appears to be 4 High Street, Alderney, GUERNSEY GY9 3TG. However it's important to note that a previous registered address of CCCAL (suite B15, Ollivier Court, Alderney GY9 3TD) has also been used by an Antony Brian Haywood (born 1945) as a registered address. This, possibly recent, Linked-in page (noted in Nov 2016) confirms Antony Haywood as a director of CCCAL. Its likely this Mr Haywood was a director, along with Lance O'Neill, at DFB (Australia). Lance O'Neill and Antony Haywood were appointed directors of DFB (Australia) on the same day in July 1996. Therefore a clear link would appear to exist between Lance O'Neill and CCCAL. This connection may help explain the apparent support by CCCAL of EP&Fs' pitiful investment strategy, a strategy geared to enriching the directors.

Lance O'Neill and CCCAL. One and the same? Lance O'Neill strongly linked to the major shareholder.

City and Claremont Capital Assets Ltd (CCCAL) - Why so Secretive?