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Major Shareholders

The list of major shareholders, according to a copy of the shareholder register belatedly received in 2014 (dated 4/11/2013) from Nigel Duxbury, is shown below. Note that just before delisting in 2006 we know Duxbury held 473,386 shares and O'Neill held 347,120 shares as noted in RNS statements. Therefore its almost certain both Duxbury and O'Neill currently hold some shares in nominee account(s).

Update. The 2015 accounts state that Syntaxis Capital Ltd has acquired 10.92% of the companys shares from Nigel Duxbury. This equates to 514,021 shares. This would imply that Nigel Duxbury acquired shares in the company after it delisted and also that he held a couple of hundred thousand shares in a nominee account(s).

There are 4,707,155 shares in issue.

Shareholder Register Dated 4/11/2013 (largest shareholders only)

City & Claremont Capital Assets 747,734 15.9%
Nigel Duxbury 312,220 6.6%
Lance O'Neill 271,620 5.8%
Fitel Nominees Limited 201,196 4.3%
Barclayshare Nominees Limited 197,457 4.2%