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Lance O'Neill and CCCAL

The company name "City and Claremont Capital Assets Limited" is often abbreviated in Mediazest holding announcements as CCCAL as can be seen here.

EP&F have previously denied being in any way connected with CCCAL. Indeed in the annual accounts of both Mediazest and EP&F there is no disclosure of any connection between Lance O'Neill or Nigel Duxbury, and CCCAL. Therefore it is very strange that as of 20/11/2016 a Lance O'Neill is noted as the registrant of the domain name CCCAL.NET. Equally surprising is that as of 01/12/2016 there is an active lance.oneill@cccal.net email address in addition to a tony.haywood@cccal.net address (view here). What is going on here? I'm fairly certain that if shareholders, or potential shareholders, were aware of any possible link between either of the 2 directors, and CCCAL they would have given the stock a wide berth. This is because there was always the assumption that CCCAL were independent and would be able to counter the significant director shareholdings. This assumption appears to have been completely wrong. Unfortunately since CCCAL is an off-shore vehicle with no material information available for public scrutiny shareholders have never had the opportunity to do proper due diligence. Why do the LSE allow this?