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2017 Financial Results (more of the same)

The 2017 financial results were released on 8 June 2017 (on time for once) and can be viewed here at the Companies House website.

It hardly seems worth the effort analyzing these results since they are almost the same as last year. Basically the business posted a tiny profit again due only to an unrealised foreign exchange gain on the Syntaxis bond. The directors have again failed shareholders but continue to profit by siphoning off about 4% of the net asset value of the company into their own pockets as salary.

Of minor interest is the fact the directors have actually decreased their salaries from £55K per annum to £40K per annum. I'd guess this is due to the influence of Benjamin Edwards, it's not O'Neill's style to take a pay cut. We still remain surprised at Benjamin Edwards involvement in this shite. He must be desperate getting involved.

Unfortunately the massive liability that is Lance O'Neill, and his opaque and secretive offshore company City and Claremont Capital Assets (CCCAL), remain as always, a giant millstone around the neck of shareholders. The cost has been enormous.

Funniest sentence in the results; "The Company's objective when managing capital is to safeguard the Company's ability to continue as a going concern in order to provide a return to shareholders". Risible doesn't even begin to describe this comment.

EP&F Capital PLC remains a vehicle with no other purpose than to provide value to the directors at the expense of ordinary shareholders.

2016 Financial Results (may the farce be with you).