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Andes Energia

The company website can be viewed at andesenergiaplc.com.ar.

Andes Energia describe themselves as a Latin American group active in exploration, development and production of oil and gas from conventional and unconventional resources. As of June 2016 Andes Energia nearly always posts a financial loss and has never paid a dividend. It has historically raised cash via share placings and the issuance of debt.

As of 29th July 2011 EP&F held 350,307 shares, representing at that time, 0.24% of the issued share capital. The shares were issued to EP&F as payment for services rendered and were valued at 21.5p. Also at that date Nigel Duxbury held 523,023 shares representing 0.36% of the issued share capital.

As of end December 2015 there were 605,504,802 shares in issue. Its unclear whether EP&F still hold their shares in Andes. Assuming they still do then their shareholding represents 0.05785% of the issued share capital. As of 08/07/16 the Andes share price is 17.75p.

As of the end of December 2015 Andes owes EP&F £66,992. This is identical to the amount owed at end of December 2014 and equates to 6% of EP&F's net asset value.

As of July 2016 Nigel Duxbury remains with Andes and is paid a substantial salary for his role as company secretary and non-executive finance director.