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Alba Minerals

The company website can be viewed at albamineralresources.com.

This mineral resources company was floated on the AIM market in 2005 by City Financial Associates at a price of 5.25p per share. Nigel Duxbury and Lance O'Neill were on the Board of Directors and were the largest shareholders, each holding 10.5% of the company. Following the IPO there were 59,062,600 shares in issue. Alba requires regular share placings to remain solvent and an investment of 1000 at the time of the IPO would be worth 34 as of the beginning of July 2016. That's a paper loss of 96.6%. As of June 2016 there are 1.287 billion shares in issue.

Over the years EP&F have loaned cash to Alba and have also invested approximately £100,000 to acquire 27,934,985 shares. If these shares are still held then they are worth approximately £50,000 as of June 2016, a paper loss of 50%.

In January 2013 Lance O'Neill, when still an Alba director, sold a portion of his personal shareholding, approximately 5% of the issued share capital, into a short-term share price spike. This reduced his personal shareholding in Alba to 1,201,647 shares at that time.

In September 2013 Nigel Duxbury was awarded 5 million warrants exerciseable any time up till 2020 at 0.3p.