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Accounts for year end 2016 now not due till end Sept 2017

Hopes that the replacement of Nigel Duxbury with Syntaxis Capitals' Benjamin Edwards would herald an upturn in fortunes for EP&F Capital shareholders took a blow on the 29th June when EP&F somehow managed to delay the release of their accounts by up to 3 months. Instead of being due by end of June they are now not due until the 29th September 2017. See this filing at the Companies House website for the details.

So how did they do it? Well as can be seen from the above link, on the 29th June, only 1 day before the accounts were due, they changed the accounting year end date from 31 December to 1 day earlier, the 30th December. Bizarrely it would appear that changing the year end date, even shortening it by a single day, allows them a further 3 months to release the accounts! This looks so dodgy but nothing surprises any more with this company.

As most investors know, companies often delay the release of bad results as long as possible so this does not bode well. Then again shareholders have endured more than a decade of dire results so it's going to be well nigh impossible for the individuals running this company to actually release a set of results that are below expectations.

Note all filings for EP&F can be viewed at the Companies House website here.