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About this website

Please note this is a website for shareholders and has no official connection to EP&F Capital PLC.

This website aims to document the financial performance and general activities of EP&F Capital PLC, a company that delisted from the London AIM market in 2006. We believe the manner in which small shareholders in EP&F have been treated over the last decade (and more) should serve as a grim warning to shareholders in other companies that are planning to delist from the AIM market. We believe this website serves a public utility and has value in educating and informing on the potentially dire consequences of being a minority shareholder in a director-controlled unlisted business.

We also believe when directors have clear links to opaque offshore companies (as is the case with EP&F director Lance O'Neill) then the ownership of said companies should be in the public domain. This is especially pertinent when the opaque offshore company is the major shareholder as is the case with City and Claremont Capital Assets Limited. We believe the deliberate non-disclosure of a director's obvious connection with an inscrutable offshore vehicle is deeply predudicial to the interests of the other shareholders in the company.

The views expressed on this site are honestly held and are based on publically available information such as company news releases and annual reports . Please report any inaccuracies to the email address below. Or if you are a shareholder and would like to add some content please get in touch.

Contact email: contact@epfshareholders.org